About Us




AKHATAKA DESIGN is a dynamic and professional design consultancy which offers a wealth of experience in leisure, hospitality, retail, corporate and domestic Interior Design. We have been creating diverse, creative solutions throughout the African continent from Cape to Cairo since 2005. 

The goal of AKHATAKA DESIGN is to always provide creative and appropriate environments, designed specifically by embracing the collaborative process in which the client brief and dialogue is realised by a creative vision. This is moulded by economic, social, geographic and environmental conditions, refined through technical and sustainable requirements. This results in a creative holistic design, focused on the relationships between the inside and the outside, where form follow function. 

We are driven by a dynamic team of directors who share a vision for contextually appropriate and innovative design, with a dedicated approach to the design process from project conceptualisation to execution. AKHATAKA DESIGN is supported by a team of talented in-house professionals-  interior designers, landscape architects, architects, and FF&E specialists and has on hand access to procurement agents, graphic designers, quantity surveyors, and project managers. 

To create individual design solutions, custom design in the manufacture of carpets, furniture, lighting, object d'art and artwork is fundamental to the design process. Relationships of many years with well respected, experienced and professional suppliers, enable us to provide design solutions which are internationally accepted.

We thrive on providing the personal attention that every client deserves. We endeavour to build new and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. These relationships are sustainable through effective communication, honest reporting, flexibility in design and the passion and joy of creating investments the client, team and end user are proud of. 


- Master planning
- Conceptual Design
- Design Development
- Project Documentation
- Project Coordination
- Site and Quality Inspections


- Architecture
- Landscape Architecture
- Project Management
- Procurement
- Quantity Surveying
- Graphic Design
- Specialized Lighting